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What is Gold Loan Lakhisarai?

Gold loan Lakhisarai is a loan in which the customer pledges his/her ornaments to the bank and get the money within the few hours so, It is an effortless way to get the money through a loan.
If you are facing a financial crisis and need immediate funds, then you can quickly fulfill your urgent financial needs Gold loan. Lying Gold in your safe will not give you anything but the proper use of your assets will help you meet your needs and dreams will provide you with satisfaction.

Gold Loan Lakhisarai Interest Rates

Gold Loan rates offer one of the lowest rates of 10.75 per annum, both for its existing bank customers as well as new borrowers. Gold loan rate varies by the amount of loan, purity of gold, and loan to value ratio.

Gold Loan Per Gram

Calculator of Gold Loan is used to calculate the gold loan per gram based on the total weight of the jewelry, level of purity, past 30 days average price of 22-carat gold and loan to value offered by your bank. As per today’s gold prices, the highest gold loan per gram against 22-carat gold is Rs. 3,044 per gram. Key variables that are required to calculate the gold loan rate per gram

Gold Loan Lakhisarai Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a Gold Loan, you must be:

  1. Firstly, A citizen of India.
  2. Secondly, Gold should be of more than 10 grams.
  3. Moreover, A farmer, trader, salaried or self-employed professional, or businessman can apply for gold loan.
  4. After that, The applicant must be between 18 to 65 years.
  5. Gold should be a minimum of 18 to 22 carrots.
  6. Also, The minimum loan amount is Rs.18000.

Benefits of Gold Loan Lakhisarai

  1. First of all, Processing is fast: Process of taking a gold loan is faster than the other loans. It is beneficial for both parties. Banks generally disburse the loan within the few hours.
  2. Most Importantly,  Interest rates are low: As this is secured loan; therefore, the bank provides lower interest rates as compared with the unsecured loan, i.e., Personal Loan.
  3. Thirdly, No processing fee: Many banks don’t charge any processing fee on Gold loans.
  4. No income proof required: Generally, the lender doesn’t ask for the income proof as this loan is secured.
  5. Most noteworthy, Safety of Gold: Your gold will be safe in lenders vault, so there is no need to worry.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of gold loan because it is a type of secured loan.

Documentation for Gold Loan Lakhisarai

  1. First of all, Residence proof is required: The documents needed for the residence proof includes:(passport/ID card/ Voter card/ Aadhar card/ration/card/driving license) and if the applicants are living in rental apartments then has to submit his agreement, electricity bill on his name and address of the owner.
  2. Secondly, Identity proof is required: Verification documents especially need one among the following: (passport/ID card/ Voter card/ aadhar card/ration/card/driving license) any one of them.
  3. After then, Two colored passport size photos: (Applicants should not wear any glasses)
  4. Also, Signature Proof: Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker’s verification/cheque

Why Apply For Gold Loan Lakhisarai?

Most noteworthy, It is a type of secured loan and, you have to pledge your gold ornaments to the lender, and you can take the loan amount from him. Process of this Loan is hassle-free; also, there is minimal paperwork. An applicant can use the loan amount anywhere he wants to use.

How to apply for the Gold Loan via BestLoanDeal?

It is effortless to apply for the Gold loan. There are basically two methods through which you can apply one is online, and another is offline. In the offline process, you need to visit the branch of the bank and have to provide the correct information in the application form. Until the sanctioning of the loan, you have to visit the bank.

In the online process, you need to visit the site of and have to provide information in the application form. Immediately you will get a call from the customer representative of the Bank, and they will confirm some of the details from you and let you know the eligibility. Then they will fix your appointment with the banker. Banker collects the required documents. You need to visit the bank once at the time of gold deposition. If you face any problem, you can contact the customer representative of the bank anytime. Otherwise, you can go through So apply now.

About Lakhisarai

Lakhisarai town is the administrative headquarters of Lakhisarai district in the Indian state of Bihar, India.

FAQs About Gold Loan

How does Gold Loan work?

It is straightforward to understand Loan on Gold. The Banks /NBFC provide you with funds against your gold ornament. The amount depends upon the gold weight.

Is gold loan secured?

Yes, it is essential to note that the loan on gold is secured. Because while taking Gold Loan, the applicant put his/her gold jewelry into the bank’s locker as collateral.

What consequences can happen when you don’t repay a Gold Loan?

If the applicant is not able to return the gold loan on time, then the bank is liable to sell his gold ornaments.

Is it necessary to have a co-applicant to get Gold Loan?

No, there is no need for any co-applicant to get Gold Loan.

Is there any fee to pay for the Gold Loan?

It is necessary to pay the loan processing fee as well as Valuation fee.