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What is Gold Loan Sardarshahar?

Gold Loan is a kind of secured loan issued by the bank to the applicants. If the customer in need of money and have the gold of more than 10 grams and the quality of the gold is between 18-22 carats, then they can take loan easily from the bank. Here we will provide you all the information that you may need for Gold Loan Sardarshahar.

Eligibility for Gold Loan Sardarshahar

The eligibility criteria for taking the gold loan can be seen as follows:
1. Any person can apply for gold loan, which means that can be a professional, a housewife, a salaried person, a business professional, or a person who belongs to a normal business group.
2. There is no minimum income requirement for taking the Loan.
3. The age of the applicant should be at least 18 years.
4. Also, the gold ornament of the applicant should be between 18 karats to 22 karats.
5. Further, the gold ornaments should belong to the applicant or any of its family member.
6. While taking back the gold, the applicant on whose name the Loan was taken, must be present in the bank.

Documents required for Gold Loan

The applicant must have any one of the following documents:

The applicant must have 2 colored passport size photographs.
2. Land Proof:
In the case of the Agricultural Loan, the applicant must have a Land proof, if the loan amount is more than Rs. 1 Lakh
3. Id Proof:
For the id Proof of the applicant, he can have any one of the following documents:

Aadhar Card
Aadhar Card is the most common and the most demanded document by the bankers when they have to provide the gold loan. The document is available with every person, and this document is available with almost all the applicants.

Driving License
Driving License can be considered as it has all the required details of the applicant.
Pan Card

If the driving License is not there, then the applicant the use the Aadhar Card to apply for the Gold Loan
Form 60/61
The applicant can also give Form 60/61, in place of Pan Card
Passport Copy
Passport Copy can also be used, but the passport should not be expired.
Voter Id Card
This document can also be used by the applicant.
4. Address Proof
For the address proof, the applicant must have any one of the following documents.
Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Registered Address Proof, Lease agreement with the landlord of not less than 3 months, Passport, etc.

Features of Gold Loan

1. It is available conveniently with any bank
2. The interest rate charged on the Gold Loan is also very less
3. Furthermore, the ornaments of the applicants are safe with the bank. They keep it in special lockers, and most of the time this procedure is performed in the presence of the applicant only.
4. A Good Credit Score is not required for taking the Loan
5. Also, the salary of the applicant is not an issue in Gold Loan
6. There is complete transparency between the customer and the banker
7. Lastly, the processing of the Gold Loan is very fast, the customer gets the payment within 30 minutes only.

Interest Rate and other charges

The Interest Rate on these loans starts from 10.50% annually.
Next, the Processing Fees charges by the banks mainly start from 2% on the total loan amount.
Lastly, the loan tenure can vary from 6 months to 3 years.

Repayment options of Gold Loan

Pay Interest as EMI and Principal Later
Partial Payments
Bullet Repayments
Regular EMI options

How to apply through Bestloandeal?

1. First of all visit our website
2. Then fill there the Gold Loan Application Form.
3. You can get further details from our representatives.

About Sardarshahar

Sardarshahar is a city in the district Churu in the Indian capital Rajasthan. It is also the seat of Rajasthan legislative assembly. Sardarshahar is the biggest city in the district Churu. The city is named after a Maharaja of Bikaner, Sardar Singh.