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Gold Loan

Loan against gold is an extremely basic concept. By pledging your gold ornaments and coins etc. the moneylender offers you with liquidity at a reasonable interest rate. Loans are given after completion of your documents check and acceptable evaluation of the gold pledged. The sum is then dispensed as money, demand draft or sometimes even a documents exchange. The entire disbursal process is snappier than personal loans, with a few loan specialists notwithstanding encouraging disbursal in five minutes. Check out the features of Gold Loan.


Gold Loan’s Features

• You could get a loan of more than 80 for every percent to 90 for each percent of the gold esteem, depending upon the loan specialist.

• You require not need to offer your gold for possibilities. On reimbursement of the loan, your gold is back with you.

• The whole loan might be reimbursed at whatever point it is conceivable. There are no charges for pre-shutting the loans.

• Short term in nature fluctuating from three months to three years.

• People of low salary group or from rural/lower down monetary strata could likewise benefit from this loan advantageously who some way or another may not fit for traditional loans.


Gold’s Evaluation

The technique took after to assess the gold pledged, may marginally fluctuate from loan specialist to moneylender. Be that as it may, by and large practice for all adornments with the ‘Hallmark’ sign, loans are sanctioned based on the weight, purity and current market value of gold. Moneylenders authorize on gold with a Karat scope starts from 18 to 24. The esteem or weight of valuable stones, if installed in the gold gems is neglected. For any adornments without the ‘Hallmark’ sign, valuation might be temperamental and you may wind up with a lesser sum.



Only essential KYC documents for residence proof and pay evidence required. The bank doesn’t expect you to present your income proof or doesn’t check your CIBIL score for providing a gold loan.

• Loan application which contains your passport sized photography

• Your signature proof for example your PAN card, passport, bankers verification, government ID, driving license, photo credit or debit card with your signature.

• Your address proof like ration card, electricity bill, driving license, sale agreement, passport, municipal/property tax receipts, license agreement (if rental) and leave.


Interest Rate

Interest rates are basically more appealing than personal loans. However, one must keep remembering that the interest rate relies upon how many edges of security you provide to the moneylender. So the more ornaments you pledge lower will be your interest rate. Interest rates, for the most part, vary between 10 and 20 percent.  There are numerous plan variations offered by banks, for example, reducing interest rates if the loan is reimbursed within a time of 30 days or so.




You can apply for a gold loan with HDFC Bank straightforwardly through a branch or by filling an online form. Be that as it may, to get the best gold loan offers and correlation, all things considered, you can apply online through BestLoanDeal. We will give you a point by point comparison of gold loan plans, all things considered, figure your gold loan eligibility and associate you with the best bank for a gold loan. You will likewise be helped by our professionals who will guarantee that the way toward getting a loan is smooth, advantageous and instant. You can get gold credit in a solitary branch visit amid which HDFC Bank will complete a checking of your gems as far as its immaculateness and weight. On the off chance that, the adornments meets the bank guidelines, the bank will sanction your gold loan and give you a quick loan against the security of your gold ornaments.

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