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HDFC Bank Two Wheeler Loan

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HDFC Bank Two Wheeler Loan

HDFC Bank is one of the most renowned banks in India. It is a private sector bank of India that provides you so many financial products and best financial services. The bank is founded in 1994. The bank provides wholesale banking and retail banking as well. Insurances, credit cards, mortgage loans, private banking and wealth management are some basic products provided by the bank. The bank is well reputed, very reliable and very renowned. The bank doesn’t provide its services only in India but the network is worldwide.

About Two wheeler Loan

The HDFC bank provides you two wheeler loan at very easy rates of interest. Basically, in a two wheeler loan, you borrow the money from the bank to buy two wheeler at some rate of interest for a given period of time. You have to pay this amount of loan to the bank within the tenure with the principal amount and interest rates. Bank provides two wheeler loan for the bikes, scooters, active and super-premium bikes too.


  1. First of all, anybody who is earning can apply for a two wheeler loan.
  2. After that the two wheeler loan is available very easily, you can apply for a two wheeler loan online on your mobile too.
  3. The process of applying for a two wheeler loan is very easy and simple.
  4. The rates of interest on a two wheeler loan are extremely
  5. A person with a minimum monthly salary can also get a personal loan.
  6. The amount of loan easily approved and disburses quickly.
  7. Interest rates are 2% lower than the other banks.
  8. The bank finances 100% ex-showroom value of the two wheeler loan.


  1. Minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years.
  2. After that, the maximum age of the applicant should be 65 years.
  3. Furthermore, the applicant should have some source of income.

Who can apply?

Any person with some source of income can get a two wheeler loan. Any man, women or student can apply for the two wheeler loan.

Any self-employed and salaried person can apply for a two wheeler loan.

Documents Required

  1. Two wheeler loan requires very few documents.
  2. Two passports sized colored photographs. (The applicant should not be wearing glasses on his/her eyes in the given photograph)
  3. One proof of identity. (Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID/ PAN Card/passport/driving licence)
  4. One residence proof. (Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID/ PAN Card/passport/driving licence/ration card/rental agreement/electricity bills/water bills).
  5. Income proof. (salary slip for salaried and ITR for self-employed)

Rates of Interest

Rates of interest offered by the HDFC bank are quite low and affordable. It starts at 11.81% per annum, however, they can be stretched according to your loan amount and tenure of the loan. it can be up to 21% per annum.

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