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ICICI Bank Gold Loan

Gold Loan @ 7%

Apply & Get Instant Money

Gold Loan EMI is a settled sum that you pay to ICICI Bank towards reimbursement of loan taken. You can pay your loan via monthly EMIs. Most minimal EMI that you pay to ICICI Bank on per lakh sum is Rs. 8,792. ICICI Bank Gold Loan EMI compromises principal payment and interest payment. To start with years, the interest part on loan is more than the principal part. In the entire reimbursement time frame, EMI stays steady however the interest part on loan continues diminishing while principal segment continues expanding separated from change interest rate on Gold Loan. Check out the benefits of ICICI Gold Loan:


• ICICI offers loans against gold with straightforward documentation and instant processing.

• The bank gives a section prepayment and foreclosure facility to its gold loan clients.

• The bank gives loan against gold for farming purposes at the reasonable interest rate.


ICICI Gold Loan’s Features:

• ICICI Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate begins from 10.00% to 16.20%

• The charges charges processing expenses of 1% of the loan sum

• Loan Tenure of Gold Loan ranges from a half year to a year

• Least EMI per lakh on Gold Loan from ICICI Bank is Rs. 8,792 offered at the most minimal interest rate of 10.00% at the lengthy loan duration of one year.

• ICICI permits prepayment of jewel loans with 1% of loan outstanding charges


Eligibility Criteria:

• Borrower’s age: Age to apply for Gold Loan from ICICI Bank is to a very long time for salaried, to a long time for independently employed experts and to a very long time for a representative

• Income of the applicant: Income helps in deciding your ability to reimburse the loan. ICICI Bank offers Gold Loan to just whose base net brings home compensation is Rs. 0. If Gold Loan eligibility as figured by the Gold Loan eligibility calculator is not as much as the loan you require, you can include the wage of earning family members.

• Loan Amount: Applicants can apply for Gold Loan in ICICI Bank with a base loan measure of Rs. 10,000 and maximum of Rs. 1,500,000

• Loan Tenure: The lengthy loan duration you decide on, the more is your Gold Loan eligibility. ICICI Bank gives you Gold Loan for duration/tenure of a half year to a year



 The documentation procedure of ICICI Bank is hassle-free. You have to submit one proof of identity and one proof of residence to grab an ICICI Gold Loan.

• Identity proof: PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter’s ID Card, Aadhar Card

• Residence proof: Voter’s ID Card, Aadhar Card, Rent Agreement, Utility Bills, Bank Statement



You can apply for a gold loan with HDFC Bank straightforwardly through a branch or by filling an online form. We will give you a point by point comparison of gold loan plans, all things considered, figure your gold loan eligibility and associate you with the best bank for a gold loan. You will likewise be helped by our professionals who will guarantee that the way toward getting a loan is smooth, advantageous and instant. You can get gold credit in a solitary branch visit amid which HDFC Bank will complete a checking of your gems as far as its immaculateness and weight. On the off chance that, the adornments meets the bank guidelines, the bank will sanction your gold loan and give you a quick loan against the security of your gold ornaments.

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