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ING Vysya Bank Personal Loan


Gold is not less than any savior in the hours of emergency. Gold is the only thing which lets you avail instant cash with no lengthy procedures. Any individual who own gold can apply for a gold loan and the loan sum you get relies on the current value and purity of your pledged gold. Process of applying is hassle free. You just need keep your gold as security and you can get more than 75% loan. Before applying for a gold loan don’t forget to check money lenders or bank’s repayment structure, processing fee and interest rate etc.


ING Vysya Bank personal loan is one of the unsecured loan types. ING Vysya and Kotak Mahindra get collaborated together in 2015 after that the company is known as Kotak Bank in India. All the paperwork such as chequebooks and passbooks etc now comes to the address of Kotak Mahindra. If you’re looking for a personal loan then ING Vysya Bank is one of the finest options for you and it is a very flexible alternative to take care of your money related needs. The bank offers its clients with a personal loan so they can bring their dreams to reality. The amount that you can avail starts from Rs. 50,000 more than 15 lacs from this loan. Don’t get confused between ING Vysya and Kotak Mahindra, both are same now. Nowadays ING Vysya is known as Kotak Mahindra. For more information, you can navigate to


ING Vysya Bank Personal’s Features:

• Flexible tenure: The sum repayment duration is flexible and in maximum five years, you can pay this sum. The installment date relies upon the loan disbursement’s dare.

• EMI Calculator: No botheration of lengthy complicated calculation when you have EMI calculator available online. Before availing you can check your eligibility and interest rate. And processing fee via online EMI calculator.


ING Vysya Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

Personal Loan ING Vysya Bank interest rate runs between 10.99% and 17.99% (annually) but varies as per person profile. For detailed you’re free to get in touch with


ING Vysya Bank Personal Loan’s Eligibility

Check out the eligibility criteria for ING Vysya Bank personal loan:  The eligibility may vary from one applicant to another. You can use free-of-cost ING Vysya Bank personal loan eligibility calculator as well.

• Your age should be above 10 and have some basic documents such  as identity proof and income proof etc.

• The applicant meets the requirement of credit score and should hold any previous or pending loan.


* Interest rate can vary as per individual’s portfolio.
* All loans repayment period are over 6 months. No short term loans.
* Credit at sole discretion of the Banks we have a tie-up with.
* The Organisation do not charge money from customers.

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