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Manappuram Gold Loan Aizawl

Gold loan is one of the secure loans. Basically, by pledging your gold ornaments or jewelry, the banks or money lenders offer you a loan. The loan sum you get depends on the recent market value of your gold plus purity. After the evaluation process, the banks approve your loan within a few minutes. Loan against the loan is snappy and bother free finance alternative which holds less documentation procedure. So instead that gold adornments, coins, and jewelry lying in your safe, you could use them so you can meet those money possibilities. Manappuram Gold Loan Aizawl is one the best options for those who’re residing in Aizawl. 


To avail a Manappuram gold loan you must have these basic documents:

• Voter/election ID card, valid passport, and valid driving license (any of these). The procedure isn’t lengthy, within a few minutes your loan will get approval.

• A borrower you’re permitted to pay only interest for the exact loan tenure.

• Different schemes for different needs. It suits all income groups.


As we know; if you want to apply for a gold loan then you must have your identity and address proof with you. Following are the documents you can use to avail Manappuram gold loan:


• Passport (it shouldn’t be expired)

• Driving License (it shouldn’t be expired)

• Voter or Election ID card

• Permanent Account Number (PAN) card

• Ration Card


Check out the eligibility criteria

Any individual who’ve got gold is eligible to apply for a Manappuram Gold Loan. Remember the end motive to avail the loan sanctioned, a borrower needs to present their gold which includes the range of 18 to 24 karats. The sum of loan that will offer will be depending on the valuation of your gold. Banks first evaluate the current market value of your gold plus also check its purity and then sanction your loan. In the event that the pledged gold adornments/gems have any stones settled or fitted, the heaviness of those stones will be deducted for exact valuation. Minors are not eligible to get this loan.


NOTE: Minors are not eligible


Manappuram Gold Loan- Rates and Fee

• At the time of loan settlement, gold processing charge will be Rs. 10

• Stamp duty: Pledge value less than or similar to sum 1 lacs holds 0.1 percent in Rajasthan and in Kerala, it’s Pledge value more than 1 lacks grips 0.1 percent in Rajasthan and Kerala.

• Statement of account: There will be no charge if it closed within a month and if it closes after a month then you have pay Rs. 25.

• Nil balance accounts’ custody charge: If it’s up to 180 days, it will be Rs. 2 whereas after 180 days, Rs. 100 including propionate extra charge.

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