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Reliance Gold Loan

In the private sector, Reliance Capital is one of the well-known financial services companies of India. Reliance Capital made its place in the list of top four banking and financial services groups. The company grasps interest in mutual funds and asset management; commercial finance; wealth management services; Life and General Insurance; and other money-related services as well. Gold Loan is one of the main products that have been provided by this company.


If you need an instant cash or money-related assistance than Gold Loan is one of the best and quick options for you. These Loans help individuals in giving money to meet every one of their prerequisites. RYou can avail Reliance Gold Loan to handle the education expenses, medical bills and marriage functions etc. Reliance Capital accepts gold ornaments and gives cash to their clients more than 60% of the client’s value. 


Reliance Gold Loan’s Features: 

• You can get a loan more than one crore or up to 70 percent of value for any personal purpose.

• While applying for a gold loan by pledging your gold, you can rely on the security and safety of the company.

• Your loan process will take barely 30 minutes

• You can relish anytime liquidity.

• No EMI, Service only Interest and enjoy the Loan facility

• Reasonable interest rate

• Quick approval and disbursal

• Overdraft limit varies depending on the gold’s current market value

• The interest rate is payable the only sum of the overdraft that has been used by you.


Reliance Gold Loan’s Eligibility

• Being salaried individuals, your age should be between 21-60 years whereas, for self-employed individuals, age should be between 21-75 years.

• The karat range of your loan- 18 – 24 karats

• Loan tenure includes a minimum six month and maximum one year

• The rate of interest will be 15.50 to 16.50 percent and loan tenure can be expanded to three years



• Identity Proof: Passport Copy/ Voters ID card/ Driving License.

• Residence Proof: Ration card/ Rental bill/ Shop & Est. License/ Tel, Electricity Bill/ Passport copy/Trade license/ Sales Tax certificate. 

• Signature Proof: two passport size photographs/Cheque/Banker’s verification/ Driving License /Passport copy


Advantages of Taking a Gold Loan

Free from income and salary criteria: Gold Loan asks for minimal documentation (almost equal to no document). If you’re unemployed and don’t have any income source, you can still apply for this loan.

Low-interest rates in comparison of personal loan: One more benefit of availing a gold loan is you can get this loan at reasonable/ low-interest rates.

You need to repay only the interest: Being a borrower you have the alternative to only make payment of interest during the loan time. When tenure is about to finish, you can pay the full borrowed sum at once.

Total Convenience: Gold Loan is one of the most convenient loans. No lengthy procedure, you just need to pledge your gold with bank or NBFC and in return, you will get the instant funds (after the evaluation of your gold’s value and purity). You can avail more than 80% of its market value instantly.

No lengthy process: No lengthy procedure and heavy paperwork. Your loan will be approved and disbursed within a few minutes.



You can apply for a gold loan with HDFC Bank straightforwardly through a branch or by filling an online form. Be that as it may, to get the best gold loan offers and correlation, all things considered, you can apply online through BestLoanDeal. We will give you a point by point comparison of gold loan plans, all things considered, figure your gold loan eligibility and associate you with the best bank for a gold loan. You will likewise be helped by our professionals who will guarantee that the way toward getting a loan is smooth, advantageous and instant. You can get gold credit in a solitary branch visit amid which HDFC Bank will complete a checking of your gems as far as its immaculateness and weight. On the off chance that, the adornments meets the bank guidelines, the bank will sanction your gold loan and give you a quick loan against the security of your gold ornaments.

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