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Two Wheeler Loan Delhi

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Two Wheeler Loan Delhi
Delhi the capital of India has the huge metropolitan city in entire North India. The Two wheeler loan has come for you to get the motorcycles as you like. The banks give you full financial support and guide to the customer at a lower rate of interest. As two wheeler loan comes in a secured loan that why the rate of interest will be less. In the same manner, the NBFC provides loan too but it comes in unsecured so the rate of interest will be quite high. If you wish to get one and if you don’t have enough money so you don’t have to let your dreams go away. Instead, we are here to get your wish come true.
Why Two Wheeler loan
Two wheeler is simple and almost everyone can afford it. The main advantage of the two wheeler is that it can get through small roads easily no need get stuck in traffic jam. And also you don’t have to wait for any public transport it saves extra money for you. As motorbikes are in trends since long these are popular in every corner of the world. It is very easy to handle too.
Our concern is to provide loan for all, so before you proceed there are some rules to be followed with us.

Eligibility Criteria Self-Employed Salaried
Age 21 to 65 years 21 to 65 years
ID Proof Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id
Address Proof Passport/Driver License/Electricity Bill Passport/Driver License/Electricity Bill
Employment Tenure 6 months 1 year
Minimum Income 6000 per month 7000 per month
Contact Number Required Required

An Applicant must have the following details for further process.

Eligibility Self-Employed Salaried
ID Proof Aaddhar Card/Voter Card/Pan Card/ Passport Size photo Aaddhar Card/Voter Card/Pan Card/ Passport Size photo
Address Proof Bank Statement/Salary Slips/Electricity Bill Bank Statement/Salary Slips/Electricity Bill
Employment proof Source of income/Bank Statement Offer Letter/ Salary slip/Bank Statement

Benefits of Two Wheeler Loan
As two-wheeler is a simple and comfortable for an individual and it fits for everyone. The documentation will be simpler as compared to another vehicle. In the list below, there are few things

Simple Repayment Method

Online Application

Rates will be 11.2% to 12.5%

Quick Loans

Covers the accessories cost

The loan is provided to salaried and self-employed

No charges for repayment

Reasonable time payback

Terms range from 12 to 48 months, in some cases, it may be extended.

Credit score should be above 700

The loan is provided to salaried and self-employed

No charges for repayment

This loan covers the cost of accessories

Reasonable time payback.

Credit score should be above 700
Types of Two Wheeler
Depending on the bike which you want to purchase. The interest rate will be changed.
Candidate Employment Type
The rate of Interest will be provided as depending upon the category of the employment.
Income of the employees will be seen before giving the loan and as per to your monthly income loan will be provided.
Features of Two Wheeler loan

Easy documentation

Online service is easy

In less time the loan will be approved

A reasonable rate of interest
How to Apply?
Visit this website  and get one as you like and make your way simple and save your time and cost too.

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