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Two Wheeler Loan Shimla

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Two Wheeler Loan  Shimla
Two wheeler loan has come to the Shimla. The capital of Himachal Pradesh it is also referred to as the ruler of hills. Now it has made possible for the people of Shimla to buy the two wheeler. Through the help given by the banks. It is going to be a simple process you don’t have to stand in the line of any bank to get a loan. As it is the one click and it doesn’t take long and your loan will be done within a seconds. Yet banks gives you full help to get the bike as you want. Hence it comes in a secured loan. And banks will be providing financial help to the customer with a low rate of interest.
Why Two Wheeler Loan?

All the time, public transport appears to be full every time. And the price will be is high. In the event, the bike comes in great help for you as you don’t have to waste money on this things. Through motorbike, you can save some extra money it does not consumes less petrol.
Our Priority is to provide a loan to our client. So, you need to have the things which have been mention in the table below.

Details for Client



min21 to  max65 years

Category of Employ

Self-employ and Salaried

Employment Terms

For self 6months, For salaried 1year


6000 for self-employ and 7000 for salaried

Contact no.

Should be a must for both

Documentation- HeShe should have this documentation.

Details for Client


Id Proof

Aaddhaar Card/Voter Card/Pan Card/Passport size Photograph

Address Proof

Bank Statement/Salary Slips/Electricity Bill

Employment proof (Salaried)

Offer Letter/ Salary slip/Bank Statement

Employment proof (Self-employ)

Source of income/Bank Statement

 Benefits of Two-Wheeler Loan
Two-wheeler is suitable for everyone it does not define any age groups. This is always been an easy way of transport. As it is simple and flexible.

No extra expenses will be required
Easy steps for documentation
Lower Intrest Rate
Saves time & money
The loan is provided to salaried and self-employed
No charges for repayment
This loan covers the cost of accessories
Reasonable time payback
Terms range from 12 to 48 months, in some cases, it may be extended.
Credit score should be above 700
The loan is provided to salaried and self-employed
No charges for repayment
This loan covers the cost of accessories
The rate of interest will be 11.2% to 12.5%
Credit score should be above 700

A Feature of Two Wheeler Loan

It is very easy to apply for two-wheeler loan

It is available online

The process will be quick

The interest rate is minimum 11% to 12%

Simple, Easy and fast process.

Types of Two-wheeler

It fully depends on the bike which you are going to purchase and onto that rate of interest will be charged.

Candidate Employment Type

Salaried and self-employ are the types on which type you will fall according to it the rate of interest will be charged.


Income is must for both through which loans will be generated

How to Apply?

See in this link  get the instant loan.



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